Forgive me...for you!

An amazing man came up to me at one of our seminars and told me this story.

His father is an alcoholic and he had a really tough childhood. However, later in his life, his father engaged with Alcoholics Anonymous and really started to work on himself.

One day he came around to see his son, now in his twenties.

Full of remorse, he started to apologise for everything he had done...and not done. He told his son that he could see the effects of his actions on his son and the life that he had chosen. He told his son that he didn't want to see his son suffer any more.

"Forgive me son - forgive me!" he begged looking him straight in the eyes - "Forgive me son - not for me - FOR YOU!"
"You have been carrying all this pain around for so long now - forgive me and just let it go! Forgive me for you!"

The process of forgiveness allows you to release pain and suffering and allows you to move forward in your life.

This is such a powerful insight about forgiveness - you are doing it for yourself - you are doing it to free yourself.

Who do you need to forgive? .....not for them, but for you!

Here's the Ho'oponopono process to help you.

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