Beware the team member who you won your leadership over.

If you have a member of your team who has gone for your leadership position and has lost to you, be very careful.

They have shown their aspirations and failed to achieve what they think they deserve. They are now in a difficult position and will probably be going underground with how they feel about working with you and the team.

In nature, after a leadership struggle, the loser is banished from the group. Small wonder given that the leader would have to watch their back constantly from the threat of attack from this competitor.

How do you manage a team member who has not succeeded in achieving the leadership of your team? Truth is you always need to treat them as a potential threat and the old saying of: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!" applies here.

You could take an active role in supporting them in achieving their aspirations, either in your group or by transferring to another group needing a leader.

You could elevate them to a 2IC role in your group, but be really mindful of keeping a close eye on their activities.

Beware the unsanctioned leader waiting in the wings.

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