We are sooo Capable!

Paul Kearney has asked me to edit his latest book on Enterprise Learning:
"Teaching in an Enterprising Way".

I'm just looking for typos and bits and pieces, but the read is amazing!

Enterprise learning is a process that allows individuals to learn in the process of planning, doing, communicating, working as a team in hot pursuit of a project.

It has boundless respect that the individual does indeed learn in action and it forces the teacher to hover around the students to provide opportunities for reflection. A bit like coaching eh?

Instead of pouring information down the student's throats and treating them like they are blank slates - the teacher is forced to recognise students ability to figure things out, to make their own mistakes and learn from them...and that the students can create success without a text book.

A respectful relationship between the teacher and student - that the student is capable. Capable of learning. Capable of figuring things out. Capable of coming up with new options. Capable of recognising patterns. Capable of creating new opportunities!

We are so capable and I hope this system infiltrates our schools and transforms our teachers from bureaucrats to skilled coaches, unleashing brilliance from our wonderful youth!

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