What is a Master Coach?

A master coach is a term that is thrown around, that various credentialing organisations use the name to help them create lucrative educational pathways.....

I've never had time for such things....but I'm gripped with the possibility of living into what I see as being a master coach. This is an absolute inspiration for me. This is also my own personal definition of a Master Coach.

First and foremost a master coach has an exceptional skill in asking questions that unleash peoples knowledge, creativity, solutions and inner genius. Not only that, they have such life experience and empathy with people that they instinctively know where to start digging with their questions.

They have an impressive array of skills, they are fluent in and work with an array of models, even though they are not dependant on those models to generate the amazing results from their clients. They can do everything by simply asking the right questions about the right things at the right time.

They are incredibly intuitive and are able to tune into people's needs and frequencies at will.

They work on themselves daily, they have impeccable integrity, they are humble, mostly invisible and, just like the SAS, they never brag about what they do or who they are.

They are master visualisers, master manifesters and highly disciplined. Master communicators, great leaders and compassionate beings.

Their lives are in a constant state of becoming and being.

Their respect for their clients equals their respect for God, the infinite and the unlimited.

Their focus is laser like, their concentration complete.

This is how I perceive what I am aspiring to be as a coach.

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