The Difference between the Motivator and the Coach

The motivator motivates by creating a level of excitement that generates actions that are larger than the usual blockages of fear, apathy and inertia.

Their tools are feelings and deeply held perceptions and sometimes even prejudices.

People in the presence of motivators often share that they were swept up with the hype. A motivators influence lasts a short time.

A coach doesn't motivate. A coach asks questions and raises awareness. Sure, a coach uses feelings and perceptions, but it's in the awareness that the real work of a coach gets done.

Around a coach, you will become aware of what is important to you, what will happen if you succeed and what will happen if you fail. You will become more attuned to who you really are and you will motivate yourself from inaction to positive, self directed and meaningful actions towards meaningful and purposeful goals.

You will be acting, in line with your values and purpose and unleash unseen and unique personal strengths and abilities.

A coach's influence can last a lifetime as personal discoveries change lives.

If you are a motivator who is learning to be a coach, be careful not to mix the two until you have a complete understanding of their differences.

A motivator is a motivator, a coach is a coach.

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