I Stuffed Up! .....and learnt something.

I found a resource that really inspired me yesterday and immediately put together a email to share it with a small special interest group who I just knew would benefit from reading it!

But in my rush and enthusiasm, I put my addresses in the CC box instead of the BCC box and everyone on the list saw everyone else's address on their email and knew that their address was on everyone else's email.

I couldn't believe I'd done something so stupid.

And after some reflecting with a ruthlessly compassionate colleague, I realised that detail is not my strength and I should stay right away from it.

Rose is so much better at being organised and handling the smallest details, calmly, methodically and accurately.

These are not my strengths.

And so, after apologising to my friends and clients for not taking enough care - I have decided to pass these tasks onto Rose, who will do a great job instead of me doing a not so good job.

What are you doing that isn't part of your strengths?

Who could be doing a better job of it than you?

What could you say to this person that would have them take it on for you?

How could you reward them for it?

...when are you going to do it?

Email Mike...

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