There is a cycle projects can take.....

You know how it is,

You get a new idea, you get excited about it, you discover your passion within it, you get motivated and put massive action toward it, then you start to hit obstacles and hit the turbulence, you start feeling overwhelmed, fear and doubts start tearing you down and you move into a state of denial that makes you forget your idea, kills your excitement, stalls your actions...and murders your idea.

After a period of mourning, you start looking for a new idea.......and the cycle begins again.

Get the picture?

The secret to taking your idea above the line is to find someone who can help you rise to the state of that's what a good coach does!

They then help you get to a state of confidence, which then allows you to access your intuition, which then motivates actions, which create results!

This is the great part of the cycle!

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