“Is this fear out to destroy me or tell me to do something about it?

says Immaculee Ilibagiza, a Rwandan woman who hid in a toilet with seven other woman from insurgents who were killing everyone in their community...

I read this and thought: "What do I have to fear? Compared to this, my life is in Paradise!"

But her thoughts say something about all of us. Our fears are supposed to protect us, not destroy us.

Her thought hints at a way of listening to our fears - of acknowledging the choice that we have around fear - running around like a headless chicken Vs looking for what we can learn from it or discover what the opportunity is.

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Donald Jessep said...

Thanks Mike
Yes I was having a coffee (sic) with an acquantance who I met 5 years ago. He worked for Rentokil when they bought Blackbridge. He now works half a week at Kalmarna Garden, a rehabilitation community garden for mentally unwell.

He too was explaining that we haven't got nothing to be fearful of.