The positive denouement of this space!

The word denouement means "The outcome of a sequence of events; the end result."

And, unlike New Zealand and Australian Bankrupsy laws, the USA allows the government to bail out a company when they become bankrupt.

GM today has been publicly taken in hand by President Obama, who has boldly predicted that the company will rise again, although in a new form, producing fuel efficient compact cars.

I have a great respect for Presidents who make bold, assertive predictions. After JFK's "We will have a man on the moon in ten years"......anything is possible.

Beware the man or woman who makes a bold assertive prediction! (aka a vision!)

Let's all visualise a pleasurable denouement!

...after all, this means a better future for us all!

In fact, let's all take the lead of Obama and start setting goals and visions that are bold audatious and have really positive and beneficial denouements for all!

What a world we could all have!

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