Love and Affection are the Antidote to Fear.

Michelle Obama is such a good example of this. Whether or not she should have touched the Queen on the shoulder or not, she showed Her Majesty some honest affection.

........World Renown photographer, Paton, talks about giving ourselves fearlessly:
Last week, I photographed Michelle Obama in the White House for her first iconic session. On meeting her, I held out my hand and said, “Mrs. Obama, it’s an honor to meet you.” She brushed my hand aside, put her arms on my shoulders and gave me a kiss on both cheeks and said, “Welcome to the White House.”

Now that’s a devastatingly beautiful thing. That’s someone who has something to give. Of course people can abuse that, people can choose not to be bewitched by that charm, but I found it incredibly beautiful. From that moment on, we connected.

How often do we worry about how we’re perceived and what people think of us, instead of just connecting honestly with the person on the other end?

We’ll never know, and the media doesn’t have a clue, but perhaps Ms. Obama touching the Queen’s shoulder was a good thing; a little honest affection goes a long way.

Formalities are often a perfect excuse for maintaining one’s distance; they guard the comfort zone that protects one from having to reveal one’s true and imperfect self.

Life is so much easier when we agree that underneath our clothes we are all naked and vulnerable.

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