Losing your Innocence is a Good thing!

Innocence for me is when you are entertaining expectations, perceptions and ideas that have no relationship to reality.

You are living your life based on these, they give you some sort of false comfort, you naively assume that you can be successful moving forward on the basis of these assumptions.

Whenever I come across these false expectations and expose them for what they are - I call that a loss of innocence.

But that loss of innocence invariably puts my hands on the levers and buttons that relate to what's real. It's never comfortable taking the wheel after a lifetime of naive trust, but it's such a relief dealing with what is so in my life.

The tough part of finding your innocence, revealing your fantasies for what they are, is that they are part of the unconscious "What you don't know that you don't know" part of yourself.

The antidote?

Good friends, willing to challenge you, willing to support you to be your best.

Thank you for all of those people who have cared enough in my life to give me the gift of truth.

Without you, my innocence would strangle my life, steal my choices and set myself on rails to fulfilling someone else's version of what my life should be like.

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