Theres a Strength in Couples.....

Rose and I visited Christchurch this week to support the Advancing Businesses group in setting up our first adding value seminar for the businesses in Christchurches.

We connected with lots of our clients and hung out with them in an informal, non coaching way.
.....and we started to see the power of couples.

We saw how the strong couples were:
  • forgiving

  • challenging

  • not scared of dialogue

  • not scared of getting it wrong with each other

  • not scared to tell the truth as they see in the moment and to work with that, even if it meant that they admitted that that truth was not true when the bright lights of inquiry were put upon it

  • not trying to be "Nice"

  • not trying to be the "Perfect Couple"

  • they were caring without being smothering to each other

  • They didn't always agree with each other

  • they didn't rescue each other, but expected each other to get on with things by themselves

  • they knew each other and acknowledged that their partner knew them sometimes more than they knew themselves

  • they knew each other's weaknesses

  • they got off it with each other

  • they have forgiven each other many, many times

I'm not sure what you will get from such a list, but the truth is, I've walked away from hanging out with great couples and the truth is self evident to me.


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