Eager to Please, Eager to Overdeliver - a Mug's game!

Being like this in your business is a recipe for disaster.

For a start, because it probably is a pattern, a racket, an old strategy you took on to help you survive when you were very puts you out of touch with reality. (You might even want to read about the view from your rear view mirror at this point)

And not only that, because it's a old strategy and out of touch with reality, you will be arrogant in assuming what it is that is your client's needs. In fact, you won't even consider them.

That could lead you to much trouble....and it probably has if you have the courage to review all the times you had unsatisfied clients in the past. Have a look.

Being eager to please and eager to over deliver is a great sign of possible low self esteem and low confidence.

....and it's probably been what got you to this level of success.

But have you noticed that it's really really hard to move forward to your next level of success?

That's because you can't take this attitude, this strategy, this racket with you....and you are hanging onto that, fearing what life would be like without it.

And what would life be about if you let it go?

It would be about identifying your clients needs and meeting them. It would be about being paid for an honest days work, instead of manipulating people to like you because you are like able and you do more than anyone else would to please them.

Money is an international measurement standard of confidence and self esteem.

Most people who are eager to please and exceed their client's expectations spend lots and lots more time to do a job, that they never get paid for. ...just so they get to feel secure and safe.

So, if your strategy is eagerness to please and eagerness to over deliver, watch yourself doing it, see how dishonest you are being with people, see how disrespectful you are being with your clients, assuming they want to be pleased and over delivered to, even though the over delivery is mostly irrelevant.

Notice what it costs you. Notice how it demeans you. Notice how it stops you moving forward.

Keep noticing these things and you will soon choose to ask your clients what they want & need and then roll your sleeves up and meet their needs and get paid honestly for the benefit you deliver.

People smell low self esteem and low self confidence - you know what it smells like when you see someone trying to sell you something from that place.

You no longer need to demean yourself - really!

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