A View from your Rear Vision Mirror - Not a Great Way to Drive your Life!

....Ah me.

So many of us drive our lives every day, out the driveway onto the road, the way to where we think we are trying to get to....and wonder why life is such a struggle.

And the answer why is really simple.

Instead of looking ahead through the windscreen of life at what's really out there, our gaze is fixated on what's happened to us in the past.

We spend every day investing large amounts of time and effort in recreating our past decisions, erroneous assumptions and general baggage from the past.

Oftentimes we even deny the obstacles we come up against, clearly visible and avoidable if we put our attention on the windscreen.

The unexamined life is just like this - driving your car looking at your rear vision mirror all the time.

And the only reason your attention is focused there is because you haven't yet acknowledged clearly and thoroughly, the below the radar motivations in your life.

Now that might sound like a lot of work.

But it's simpler than what you think. I see my clients deal with this over a period of weeks and from then on in, their attention is able to be put on getting them to where they want to go, in the easiest, most effortless way. In fact, for most of them, "easy" and "effortless" were not even part of their vocabulary - impossible concepts!

Most of them comment on the enormous amount of energy they had wasted every day, propping up the illusion that driving from your rear vision mirror really is the best way to drive your life!

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