David Li's advice to Businesses in China in responding to economic crisis:

Janamitra Devan:

How would you advise local players, local businesses and so on, in terms of responding to the crisis?

David Li, director Tsinghua University for China in the World Economy:

Very simple: stay in the game. Keep being alert. And try to be very, very active in this game, in this time. This is a time not only of tremendous opportunities, but, also, the rules of the game are changing. And they are changing in a rapid way, in a dramatic way. So this is actually a time of golden opportunity.

Thanks David!

Great advice for all of us!

True to the Chinese Characters for crisis - watch the Chinese as they hit a crisis - they are always looking out for the opportunity!

Have a look at the full Video - fascinating stuff! What is happening in China will have implications for the whole world!

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