Business has always been tough - so what else is new?

I heard a great story the other day from a friend in a new business.

He talked about the cash flow challenges that clients can create for business owners by not paying on time.

And it's a funny old thing - you have a relationship of trust with your clients that you really want to nurture rather than damage.

He told me his strategic plan was to go after a better quality client - something that he could only do with having key staff on board. The lower level of client was in plentiful supply and easy to service without the level of staff that he had in his office, but he had reached the ceiling of that and wanted to move ahead in his business. He set the course and began his journey.....

One of his major clients was having cash flow problems of their own and weren't able to pay him for a couple of months. He told them he understood and would hold tight until they could pay. They were grateful and set about putting their cash flow problem right.

He soon got to the limit of his overdraft.......he grit his teeth and extended his overdraft...another month went by and still no money.......he gritted his teeth and started paying his staff out of his own pocket........that money ran out and his client still hadn't paid....he knew he didn't want to lay his staff off - he was determined to hold fast to his course - so he went and begged the bank for a personal loan......which he got......and that money ran out and.......

The client came through. They paid their account in full. This allowed him to pay his loans and overdraft and himself back in one go.

His client was grateful for the grace he had shown under pressure (little did they know how much he had suffered!)

They had just landed a multi million dollar deal....and they passed on all the work to him! His little company was looking good now!

This is what business is like. There are no guarantees. There are always heaps of deadlines. But you have to trust people. And Trust is a big thing and has to be earned. Business people learn quickly to fight and to toughen up.

They are our unsung hero's!

For me this story is about having the courage to hold fast to your course, your strategic plan and your vision - it's about not compromising, not giving up and doing whatever it takes to make things happen. It's about personal courage, toughness and resilience.

This story inspires me as a business person.

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