What a coach does for you - another cut of the apple:

“A coach deals directly with people’s belief systems and practices and encourages them to step up the quality and quantity of their practice so that they use the tools they already have practiced and developed in their life, building upon resources already honed and present”

The coach sends the Jews back to the Synagogue, the Catholics back to their prayers, the Protestants to their disciplines and the Yogis back to their basics.

If people have practiced anything in their lives - the coach will send them back to that belief system to bring their strengths forth.

I always remember how Babe Ruth said about a strong religious upbringing: "It doesn't matter if the child stays faithful with the practice, they always have a strong little chapel that's been built within, to retreat to in tough times!"

If people have beliefs - the coach works within that context and empowers them within that.

What are the strengths and disciplines you have been developing over the years? Why aren't you accessing them right now? What are you going to do with your tools you already have?

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