Rory Bain is a leader.

I've had about three years observing him being one.

He is the sort of leader who serves and supports his followers. He finds out what you need and always produces resources from his endless folders of articles, lessons, how to sheets, CD's, Web links, names & phone numbers.

He is generous like this.

He is also the sort of leader who is always circling around rooms looking for followers. He sidles in, connects with new people, finds out what they are about, encourages them and gives them "their next step". I don't know where he keeps all their next steps, but it appears to come from his intense listening of them. You always see him working the room, softly and easily, methodically and systematically. He moves in, makes his mark and moves on to the next.

He is good like that.

Rory is also the sort of leader who shares himself. He is never scared to use his life, his circumstances and his challenges to use as an analogy to demonstrate validity and efficacy of his systems and concepts. When he is having tough times, he is not afraid to share that with you and also not afraid to turn that into an opportunity to find strength and opportunities in adversity.

He is really generous like that.

Rory is focused and determined. Some people have made jokes about how unstoppable Rory is. I remember feeling a flush under my neck when I first hear someone say that. How dare they say something like that about Rory. It was then I realised that I valued Rory as my leader, that somehow he had entered my life and got me to care about who he is.

He is easy to appreciate and care about.

So, what can you learn from Rory?

What can you steal from him as a leader? What qualities would make people listen to you more, admire you more, care about you more?

Rory has these qualities in Aces and has much to teach us all about leadership!

Maybe one day you'd like to meet him!

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