Laughter as a Leadership Skill!

Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen Fund in the previous post, said this amazing thing about what she has learnt bringing her amazing vision into reality.

"Laughter is a really key component. The more stressed I got, the less anything worked. The more we laughed, the more we got done!"

So how does this relate to you? Laughter really is a serious business!

Firstly, laughter is a fantastic stress release. I never forget the story of the airline pilot who crash landed his plane and saved all the people on board - the transcripts of his conversations with the control tower were full of jokes and one liners - he kept his cool under enormous pressure by using humor as a tool.

Are you taking advantage of this powerful form of stress management as you move forward?

And secondly, by laughing regularly with your team, you are releasing their stress as well!......as well as being an amazing person to be around! Have you wondered why it's so great being around humorous people?

Are you laughing while you work? Do you laugh with the people you are leading? Are they laughing with you?

Are you creating opportunities to laugh while you create the miracles that you do?

You might be interested in ringing me for a laughter appointment. It takes 2 minutes and we laugh fully for that 2 minutes. Make an appointment by email and rehabilitate your humor muscle! You won't regret it!

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