Love is not enough! People who love each other divorce all the time!

And it's true!

So many great couples - people who inspire you with the possibility of relationship, partnership, family and intimacy, get onto vicious cycles and melt down all the time.

And usually the two reasons are because of a lack of communication skills and a lack of understanding.

I'm always talking about communication skills - it's obvious to me that just small improvements in your communication will produce huge positive results. I see this all the time in my work.

But understanding about how men and women relate together and the background issues is massively important in helping you get off the vicious cycles and take your relationship to the next level. Ahhh - that next level of operation - a state of understanding that allows freedom of expression, full love, full intimacy and full enjoyment of your wonderful relationship!

And these cycles are truly vicious - whatever strategy you throw at them when you are on the cycle, is doomed to failure. You actually have to step off the cycle and view it from the outside if you want to get some traction with your partner.

I've found a really good vehicle to help you understand the vicious cycles and have you laughing at yourself when you recognise yourself stuck in unproductive behaviour. Funny thing about laughing at yourself - it's a great learning process - you stop doing things because you just know it doesn't work!

Anyhow click here if you want to get off your cycles with your partner/spouse and soak up the message as much as you can. Click here for the free movies!

Good luck! Relationship is possibly the most important part of all our lives - don't stuff it up!

"All men's (and woman's) misfortunes spring from their hatred of being alone"
Jean de La Bruyère

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