I think its a good time to look at "Who Moved My Cheese?" video again!

The only problem is that they took it off Youtube. If you know of some way we could access this great asset, could you please let me know.

If we keep trying to solve our current problems and meet our current challenges with the same strategies, then not only are we acting in accordance of the "Definition of Insanity", but we are on adapting our behaviour and strategies to the task at hand.

Ask yourself - What am I doing differently now? What new ways of dealing with things am I exploring? What new markets am I going into - how is my thinking changing to meet the situation?

Playing Possum frozen in the Headlights just isn't going to get you anywhere!

So, a good place to start is by changing your mindset with affirmations like:

"I embrace the future by choosing new ways of doing things every day. I am not afraid to step outside of my present knowledge and skills to try new things. I trust my ability to learn and to adapt. I am part of the solution, not part of the problem!"

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