Banking Insights through Writing.

Funny how writing about insights sometimes opens up a gushing flow of profound, significant and enlightening insights.

I wrote an intro on my blog last night, introducing a video of a speaker talking about creative genius.

After posting it, I had realisation after realisation about creative genius in my life, about how much I love having the experience of it in my life and how flying the heights of working with people and playing music and writing really puts mundane activities of life in a grey, dim light.

Writing about what's going on in your head or your life is like removing a plug from a bathtub. The water starts to flow out and gathers speed, forms a vortex and spins around and around gathering speed as it empties.

That's how it felt to me last night - a lifetime of working with creative genius, held back with a plug of denial, started to flow, insights and realisations buiding speed as it emptied through me.

I'm feeling the benefits of unplugging some denial. Some people work through this stuff by writing a regular journal - I'm a blogger - I do it on the public domain.

Thank you o public for allowing me this public arena of epiphany! Thank you for hearing me admit that I'm a channel for creative genius to dance through and I've been doing it for years now. I now feel comfortable with that!

And here's my chance to share a weekly review format that helps you bank your learnings and achievements. Watch for it - it's going to be another posting and I will add a link to this post.

Thanks for reading!

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