Accessing your Creative Genius!

Okay, I feel comfortable with you enough to share this.
I'm a flautist.

I don't play much these days, but I do know what I like to hear and I know what I like to play.

And here's Nigel Kennedy, a lad from Essex, who I swear I'm related to - who got to play the violin early in his life - I'm convinced when I listen to him that he comes and goes to that inspired genius place.
Oh My God!
Creative genius moments or hours or days are such a gift from you! I love being the instrument for such amazing sound and words to pass through!

And how I feel when I feel the wings of angels, under my words or lifting my music way beyond what I am capable of,

How much do I realise the torment and the ache when I next pick up my pen or my instrument and all that comes out are simple words or notes......

I always had trouble disciplining myself to practice scales and pieces as a flute player - I had tasted early on in my life the freedom and high risk of improvisation....and for me improvisation was a mystical trance you entered into, where you transcended the limitations of your individual technique and you flew - you flew and you flew - to places you could never return to, pieces of music forever lost to you, but never forgotten.

Practice was a ritual torture, always reminding yourself of what you didn't have right, what you needed to improve - it was boring, mundane and I only ever felt mediocre as a musician when I regularly practiced.

But get me back into that trance and I flew like a bird, freedom was my spirit and the music always just flowed.
I know that this is available to everyone - especially as I witness the genius flowing through my coaching clients!
And all the training sessions I have given all have had such moments of high level trance - entering the same place..and all of my coaching as well.

Robert Pante told me as a speaker, I must prepare and prepare and have a thick folder of notes that I put on the podium. He said that "that was there for when God stopped talking to me!"

I'm like a trance junkie - I love it when God talks to me and through me - I love that holy high! - and this following talk about creativity has helped me to create a new context for creativity that is really working for me right now.....hope it does it for you too!

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