For you.

I have walked with you in the night and in the light of the day,

I have made mistakes just like yours and more,

I have had the same desires, the same ambitions and the same victories and disappointments alike,

And I know who you are and who you really are, because I am just like you in all ways,

So I invite you to come on a journey of clarity with me, taking little with you as you climb the steep hills of your awareness

This is where you will find in the mists that you have been living someone elses life and that you had lost your own long, long ago

This is where you will discover what you really, really want after you discover that you have currently no idea whatsoever...

Then your journey's pace will quicken, as you chase in hot pursuit, the things important to you, the things that inspire and the things you know will fulfil you like nothing before.

Your life will be urgent, you will be willing to sacrifice and stretch and your actions will be intense, focused and intentional. Passion will be in your day's heart.

You will discover your innermost values and your unique skills and the value of you along the way,

You will learn to dance in the moment, to reflect upon your learnings and to set goals bigger and wider than ever you could have imagined...

You will become wild again, free again to create, to manifest and to breathe within life's challenges and joys deeply and completely.

I know this is true of this journey and I call you to claim what is rightly yours.

I also know you need a Sherpa to help you climb your mountain, to carry your bags when you have no strength, to see for you when you have no sight and to believe in you when you have lost all belief in yourself, wandering in circles, dressed like a beggar in rags.

And I will help you talk to yourself - to ask yourself the right questions that will yield to you the treasures of your internal life. You will realise that you have everything you need to succeed at whatever you want, within.

And I will help you listen to yourself - to the whispers of wisdom and the songs of joy and inspiration, that without your listening, will curl into nothingness, like smoke twisting into thin air.

You will climb your mountains, you will achieve your goals, you will taste the sweetness of victory, and you will learn what is important to you .....and what are empty worthless shells.

You will bring back treasures and bounty slung on your back and your life will never be the same - you will walk tall and confidently down the street and seek out the company of adventurers and free-thinkers, leaving the small minded behind.

Yours will be a life that you love - a life full of adventure and lived to the max!

Your friends of the future will be stronger and freer, for you will grow and live into a new life - a life you design, where you choose and you will learn and you will grow and live out from that learning.

This I know to be true of the journey of clarity.

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