Facing Up to Your Worst Case Scenario!


There's a threat ahead.

You are frozen with fear. You don't want to face what's coming.

What's the best thing for you to do right now?

........you could write a list.

What kind of list would be a good place to start?

A list of the Worst Case Scenarios - put 'em down on paper - get them out of yourself - especially the stuff you are really scared about! The outcomes that fill you with shame and loathing for yourself - get them down!

Getting them down on paper, turns them into a paper tiger!

Fear of something unknown is really scarey and hard to manage.

Get to know what it is you are scared of, the fear reduces, it becomes more managable.

......maybe not straight away, but in time, the more familiar you become with what your threat is, the more resourceful you become in dealing with it.

Write down your greatest fears.

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