More on Wholeness

Wholeness is an analogy of our integrity.

Well rounded, contained, defined, accepting of limitations and showing a circular form - a form much repeated in nature.

Lately I've been listening to client's discovering their wholeness through their insights. These insights have the potential of changing their lives forever. They free us from the strategies we adopted as young children to help us survive , that have ended up default settings for our behaviours as adults. I've been using the saying: "I used to be different, but now I'm the same!" a lot lately.

The other insight I've been having is that you can have a liberating insight that opens the gate of these default settings and can have an immediate effect on certain areas of your life. However, you can still be on default settings, motivated by the same mechanisms that you have liberated yourself from. In short, you are still a prisoner of the same default setting, in other areas of your life.

I call this the unconscious power of the unexamined thought. The gate is open, but you still choose to pretend that it's shut.

And it's not that it's a conscious choice. It's simply that you haven't applied it to all areas of your life. You can systematically apply your open gate to every part of your life where that original decision rules your behaviour.

How do you do this?

Keep a book and write down every time you notice the emotion that is the fence that keeps you from moving out there. I noticed every time I wrote down when I was feeling that feeling, that spontaneously - a thought, an affirmation of "I don't have to feel that anymore!" came up...and the fence dissolved.

The Scientologists have a process called "Auditing" where they detect blockages and systematically free them up. I believe you can systematically clear yourself, by noting these feelings in yourself in your little book...and then let them go.

Try it!

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