The Devil's Tool Room

Glenda Leonard tells a story about a man who visits Hades and gets taken by the Devil into his tool room where he has all these tools that stop people following their dreams. There were all sorts of tools and the Devil picks up the most ugly of tools and said "This is my favourite Dream Stealer tool- it works just about every time - it's my tool of Discouragement!"

The image of a room full of tools with the aim of stealing people's dreams by distracting them from living them and striving to achieve them...has been haunting me!

And isn't that so true - how many "No's" can you hear before you stop pursuing your dream?

How many close friends or family members telling you emphatically that "This just can't work!" before you abort your dream and fall into line with what they think is right and productive?

And dreamstealing isn't just about what happens outside of you - what happens when you get distracted - great ideas, amazing products - things that glitter and fascinate? How easily are you distracted from working towards achieving your dreams?

Look at the next post to see how Obsessions can not only destroy your dreams but can destroy everything you stand for!

And how about feelings and moods for stealing your dreams? How many fantastic marriages, businesses, organisations have been destroyed by fears, boredom, restlessness and apathy?

And what about health, mobility, the ability to communicate? We hear of amazing individuals who, despite their disability, continue to live their dreams....and we are blown away and inspired....and secretly...ashamed of how easily we give up!

The good news of course, is that there are people who you know, who cross your path and who you hear about, who, against all odds, stand up and fight for their dream.

So there may be a room where a collection of tools are stored with the aim of stealing your dreams from you....and the good thing about knowing about this is that you know that you don't have to give up your dreams - others have proved it's possible against all odds, to live their dreams!
A handy analogy for you to entertain - the Devil you know is much easier to deal with than the Devil you don't know anything about!

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