The Bucket List.....Say what you need to say!

The list of things to do ...before you kick the bucket.

So how about acknowledgement?

When you kick the bucket is about the only time a lot of people in this world ever get acknowledged - people stand around and talk about who they were - what qualities they had, what they had achieved and what they had given to others.

But it's too late then!

- You missed the opportunity to acknowledge them! .......You might have even missed the opportunity of being acknowledged!

The good news about this?

People who acknowledge others, usually get acknowledged by others.

I get mad about this - most people think that if they acknowledged someone, they would be giving them a "swollen head" - and that's their reason for withholding acknowledgement.

They don't even know that an acknowledgement is not a compliment.

An acknowledgement is not stuck in the box with the walls of Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, or Better Than/Less Than.

It's simply what is so!

An acknowledgement is: "You have blond hair"

A compliment is: "You have the most beautiful blond hair I have ever seen!"

A compliment has a hook - it's a thinly concealed manipulation.

An acknowledgment has no aim to influence you other than to give you credit for who you are, what you have done, what qualities you are showing, what you look like - etc, etc...

So stop being stingy with your acknowledgments - let everyone you know, know that you notice them, that you can see them and appreciate them, by giving them an acknowledgment.

How do you acknowledge someone?

You can start by saying: "I acknowledge you for..." and when you say this, your eyes need to be on them and nowhere else, for that is where you will find what to acknowledge them for. Focus on them and acknowledge them.

Give them the acknowledgement gift that might even be the only acknowledgment they may have had for a long, long time.

Practice this daily and you will soon be saying what you need to say.

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