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No-one else does seminars like an AddsValue Seminar.

In 2014, you will be able to access two streams of seminars and workshops from AddsValue to help you:
  1. communicate to win, 
  2. reduce stress and manage change
 Run by Mike Kennedy, these workshops are designed to help you get the best out of yourself on the way to achieving your inspiring goals.

You will be able to choose from our Sydney half day workshops or we can work to suit your needs and bring this work to your area.  Simply contact us on (+61) 0439 979 577 to discuss your needs.

Mike is also available as a motivational keynote speaker and can deliver breakout workshops for your next conference.  Let us know what you want to achieve and we will design a presentation with impact!

Communicate2Win!This workshop series is designed to increase the number of people you can reach, communicate with and influence.  This is not about communicating to lose - it's about how to win with your communication...more 

 A Focused, Productive, More Relaxed You...
 This series of stress and change management workshops goes beyond the ordinary stress management workshop.  When you are stressed, you lose your ability to think and act clearly and resourcefully.  These workshops help you regain your clarity, reduce your stress levels and work productively in stressful and constantly changing environments...more

Our seminars are unique because:
  • we always set up collegial support in each workshop
  • you are able to access coaching wherever you are at
  • we always follow up after every workshop and seminar
  • we supply you with supportive articles for your newsletters and blogs
 AddsValue Seminars and Workshops -clarity, focus and power.

 Thanks for visiting us here.  
What would your life be like with some clarity? 
Call me on (+61) 439 979 577 or  email me,
Mike Kennedy:
... to find out if this would work well for you

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