How we hold ourselves back

Its great to have our aspirations and our dreams,

like a kite flying high, with a string attaching us to ground,

the bird always has to let go of their branch to fly,

the boat always has to untie the rope to go out and explore,

As humans, we have our comfort zone that we retreat to,

hide away into or hold onto.

Yes, it takes faith to set yourself free,

it takes faith, confidence in yourself,

intense focus and focused actions,

again and again, to get what you really, really want.

A dream is not a goal - it's probably not going to happen.

Dreaming is a great way to keep yourself safe...in your comfort zone,

no commitment required, no courage summoned for, no loss to be faced.

With a goal, you gather only a few useful possessions,

open the door and stride out into the cold and unknown,

with a song in your heart and a focused destination in your mind,

this is probably enough, to make that goal a reality.

The Mongol Armies were like this,

they took their families and their possessions with them,

they set it up so that losing a battle was too much of a cost to bear,

so they kept their focus, they renounced comfort and

would endure such hardships, that no-one else would do,

like traveling though blizzards and then attacking in the dead of winter.

O comfort, what a price we pay to feed your fire.

Sometimes playing safe is the most dangerous game in town.

The Australian Government is trying to save the car industry,

Trying to mend it so it can compete,

wanting to export cars that people want to buy overseas...

For sure, it's going to have to be something no-one's thought of before,

It might have even been worked out by someone, but discarded by

a design committe consisting of industry representatives,

the petroleum industry and some bureaucrats,

The future needs to be imagined and then created,

fearlessly and with flair,

something that 'design by committee' never gets right.            

So let's get out there and wild,

gather around fires and think outside the square,

There's an answer there, outside of our comfort zones.

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