How do You Prefer to be Contacted?

I just received some astute and painful feedback from Dwayne from Spin 360. (you have to check out his visually stunning 360 site).

- Ouch!

It's about how unconscious I've been over the last 12 months with my enthusiastic and blind adoption of text-ing to communicate with everyone.

All I could see was the efficacy of it all - you know, it happens in real time, you can engage people,

you can reach people, you can remind just plain worked as far as I could see.

And yet I never once asked anyone if that was the way they liked being contacted.

I never even considered I was being inconsiderate or disrespectful.

I was just a well-intentioned person, barging my way through people's lives.

.......and text people inappropriately to lose friends and influence.

{Truth is, on reflection, I have offended some people with my texts and have received terse replies that I never really understood at the time.  The sad truth also is, I got one this morning, after Dwayne's feedback. (why do I have to learn the hard way?)}

 There are so many different ways people can communicate now.

People select one or maybe two mediums and ignore the rest.

You can communicate by text-ing, email, landline calls, cell phone calls, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, BaseCamp, Pintrest, Linkedin, Instagram..... - to name only a few.

So here's my new question, for my clients, my prospects and my associates:

"How do you prefer me to communicate with you?"

Simple eh?

Please learn from my embarrassing lesson.

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