A short note about distinuishing between Lust and Love...

If the Human's main concern is about comfort security and a little bit of fun,

then it's obvious where lust is enjoyed from.

And also obvious why it grows and mutates into unexpected forms.

It feeds your ego, your sense of self in the world,

It offers instant gratification, and, like so many products and services that

profit from instant gratification,

you end up being the servant of the lust that starts off as an indulgance.

If the Being's agenda is about purpose, vision and values,

then love fits the bill.

Love is never self serving,

Love is often uncomfortable,

Love is always about someone else, not you,

Love sometimes is not fun, but the hard work of an artist, searching for integrity and truth.

Somewhere, there needs to be a balance between

what the Being wants and what the human wants.

It appears to me though,

Lust alone is an empty shell,

that leaves you as lonely as hell.

Love alone, is a hard path to follow,

but has rewards of richness and satisfaction,

......deep satisfaction.

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