The Hedgehog Concept.

When Michaleangelo was asked how he knew how to sculpt such beautiful figures out of marble, he said:

"The statue already exists, whole and complete, within the stone.  

All I do is chip away everything that is not the statue"

And your life's work, and your business's real business,

Already exist, whole and complete, out of your sight,

below the radar, somewhere you have never seen.

That's why processes like the Hedgehog concept are so useful.

They bring up your treasures, from the depths, up to the surface.

They name the intangible, articulate what lies in your being.

Based on an ancient Greek fable that distingushed between two animals:

The fox, who knew a lot of small things, who raced around using their energy up being busy pushing lots of small ideas ahead......

and the Hedgehog, who knew a lot about one big thing.  Who focused on that one thing and did that better than anyone else.

In any race, the Hedgehog would win from the fox.

The Hedgehog concept is something that is distilled from complexity

to something that is simple, but that reflects penetrating insight and understanding.

Here's Jim Collins to talk about what your Hedgehog Concept is. 

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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