Be Cool, Be Masterful......

I saw this movie that has a real kick - and a lesson about keeping your cool - no matter what!

This video epitomises staying cool, keeping your focus on the people you are dealing with, being aware of and communicating with them about what motivates them.

John Travolta plays Chilli Pepper, a shady Hollywood movie industry man who keeps his cool around people who often have a gun at his head. He keeps his attention on what is important to them.

Several times in the story he tells people with guns at his head that he understands them better than what they think. He continually dances around their agenda by being ruthlessly straight with them. His amazing insights about them steals their attention from them.

A fantastic story about the power of keeping your centre in whatever hurricane you find yourself in.

A opportunity to dream build a vision of a capable, unflappable you.

Mike Kennedy,
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