It’s About Looking for What’s Already There

"What you can conceive of, you can achieve." the basis of the coaching conversation.

The coach just keeps looking 

......just like a fisherman who knows there's fish there

.......under the rippling sunlit water,

......who has to look and adjust their eyes to see the fish

.......that don't even look like fish.

A coach is always looking for what's already there, straining to see the unseen,

seeking to hear the unsaid, the undefined and the indistinguished.

The trick being, when you see it;

- you immediately capture it by defining and acknowledging your client for it

- you triumphantly hold up a wonderous, shaking, vigorous rainbow colored fish in your hands

Then your client then knows new possibilities, new qualities, new stregnths.

That in itself, doesn't just feed them for a day - it feeds them for a lifetime.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...


Anne...becoming remarKable! said...
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Anne...becoming remarKable! said...

Ahhh Mike. A brilliant, but quite different take to mine!