A Definition & Explanation of Values.

"Values are the most stable and enduring characteristics of individuals. They are the basis upon which attitudes and personal preferences are formed. They are the basis for crucial decisions and personal tastes; much of what we are is a product of the basic values we have developed through our lives.

An organization too has a value system, usually referred to as its organizational culture. Research has shown that employees who hold values that are congruent with their organisation’s values are more productive and satisfied.

Holding values that are inconsistent with company values, on the other hand, is a major source of frustration, conflict and non-productivity.

As the essence of a company’s philosophy for achieving success, values provide a sense of common direction for all employees and guidelines for their day-to-day behaviour.

These formulas for success determine (and occasionally rise from) the types of corporate heroes and the myths, rituals and ceremonies of the culture.

In fact we think that often companies succeed because their employees can identify, embrace and act on the values of the organization.

These values may be grand in scope (Progress is our most important product), or narrowly focused (underwriting excellence).

Management by Values Objective (MVO) needs to accompany Management by Objectives (MBO)"
(Whetton & Cameron)

- So what are your business's values?

Do your staff embrace your values....or do they rebel against them?

What can you do to express your business's values to your staff?

- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,
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