The Leaders Responsibility and Objective....when a team member moves on.

The leader's responsibility is to nurture and grow the team by championing and communicating the vision.

And when changes happen to their team, it's the responsibility of the leader to help the team members work through the emotional journey as a team.

The objective of the leader is to strengthen the team.....and the team's acceptance and understanding of the shared vision.

When a team member moves on, the team will be going through a process of change, sometimes involving powerful emotions like grief and fear, which if left un-addressed can destroy even strong teams.

When a team member moves on, it's customary for an after hours meeting to celebrate the occasion. For the leader, this is an opportunity to help the team move forward and consolidate.

Important things for the leader to cover are:

  • To describe the team's purpose, values and qualities.
  • To acknowledge the staff member leaving

  • To acknowledge the staff member's contribution to the team

  • To thank the staff member for their contribution

  • To invite a fellow team member to say a few words

  • To talk about the staff member's new role

  • Lead the group in a toast to the staff member's future success

  • Remind the team of the task ahead and re-emphasise the shared vision and values

Do this well and your team will emerge stronger from the change.

Do nothing about this and leave it up to the team to are renouncing your responsiblity and your role as a leader.

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