How to avoid Getting Hurt around people.

You know, it's never about you.

All the conversations you have with people - it's never about you.

Everyone has an agenda, everyone has their unconscious stuff - this makes them lash out when you least expect it.....and you know what?

.....It's never about you.

I found this amazing book the other day "I can't believe she did that" and it analyses all the terrible things women can say and do to undermine others and strengthen their own position at work. Check out the link to the first chapter - some really insightful psycholongical premises in there. This is a fantastic resource in understanding people's motivations in being hurtful to others.

It never has anything to do with you.

Every time you make it about you.....you will get hurt!

So, next time someone lashes out at you - remember this - "It's not about me!"

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