To grow, first you need to destroy yourself.

The phoenix burns itself into ashes, then rises anew from those same ashes.

Lance Armstrong became the man who won seven Tour de France races and who is currently coming fourth after three years off after he destroyed himself with testicular cancer.

His emaciated body was stripped of muscle mass as the cancer spread through his body. It was destroyed and then he fought back and built upon that frame of his, the muscles and strength that has made him who his is now.

When you are destroyed, then you can grow.

You break open and discard your ideas, your beliefs and your expectations.

You shatter your identity and slay all your sacred cows.

You let your dreams and your fantasies float away and create a sacred emptiness that allows you to create the new you.

So many people have their own stories of rising from their ashes.

What are your stories and how can you use those stories to build yourself into the person you need to be to achieve your goals?

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