In Your Mind's Wardrobe.

Your mind is like a wardrobe - more than you may think!

Every wardrobe I have ever entered has had stuff in there that definitely didn't belong in there.

It wasn't aligned with where that person was going, it didn't match who they currently were, it wasn't related to the here and now - it didn't inspire confidence, trust or credibility - it didn't belong!

Some people had more than others of these "sabotage" pieces.

Your mind is just like that - you store thoughts in your mind wardrobe that really don't belong in there - check your thoughts that are hanging in your mind to see:

  • Do these thoughts fit you anymore? Have you grown out of them? Are they smaller than who you are now? Are they stopping you from growing further?

  • Are these thoughts dirty, rumpled and/or smelly? Why would you keep thoughts like that in your wardrobe? Are they smelling out the rest of your thoughts stored there? Is the rest of your wardrobe becoming dirty?

  • Are these thoughts worn out? Have they had their day? Are they up to the present environment? Are they up to cutting edge...or are they yesterday's news? Do they have energy? Will they create results? Are they relevant to a new era?

  • Do these thoughts fill you with self confidence and raise your self esteem? ....or do they drag you down and make you feel bad about yourself?

  • Do these thoughts encourage you? ....or do they discourage you? Do they energise you...or drain you?

  • Are these thoughts aligned with what you really, really want?....or are they stopping you from getting there?

  • Are the thoughts in there making you strong - or are they weakening you?

Every person's wardrobe I have cleaned out has accelerated in their lives - they have moved forward with momentum and velocity toward what they really, really wanted!

I can now see that clothes are really just like thoughts. Although I think that clothes are way lest costly than thoughts!

I can also see that cleaning out your thought wardrobe might be a more direct way of finding your own momentum and velocity. It also won't cost you a cent......but it will cost you effort!

Write a list of the thoughts and beliefs you have in your mind's wardrobe - check them off against the above criteria. If they don't pass muster - they don't belong in your mind's wardrobe - you either toss them out and replace them with a strong, powerful thought that's aligned with where you are going in your life.....or you transform and alter them into a thought like that.

Less is more! - email me your story!

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