Hi! My name is..(your Name)..and I don't care what you think of me!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to say that?

It would mean that you were free and strong enough to make your own decisions instead of worrying about what people think about your decisions in the areas of:
  • your career
  • your choice of partner
  • your choice of car
  • your choice of where you want to live
  • your choice of who to support politically
  • your choice of what you wear
  • your choice of sport
  • your choice of travel
  • .....etc...etc

Not a bad list eh?

....and who can say that your choices are not influenced by what other people think about what you choose?

And these are the important ones - what about all the little decisions we make on a daily basis, that are definitely influenced by what other people think?

The first step of course is to admit that we care about what other people think and that many of our decisions are based on this practice.

The second step is to start a list of the decisions you make and check against each one - "Am I making this decision because I'm concerned about what someone might think about me?"

Then you can ask the next question: "What decision would I make if what other people thought had no bearing on my decision?"

It is possible to make decisions based on your own judgement, free of other people's influence. Being clear and honest with yourself about your motivation is the key to your freedom.

And courage and commitment to being yourself is the price of your freedom.

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