Buying a ticket on the Worry roller coaster!

The other day I got a first hand experience of taking a ride on the Worry roller coaster!

My wife, Rose and I went our separate ways for different business appointments. I had a meeting that lasted about 15 minutes and agreed with Rose that we would meet at our parked car in the street.

I spent an hour waiting for her and started to think worried thoughts

I thought she could be abducted.

I then hit a stage of worry, that one of my colleagues describes as an irrational rationality.

As soon as I thought that thought a couple of times, I immediately took that possibility on board and believed it as if it was true. Irrational Rationality.

I left a note on the car for her to stay there if she came back, and then I entered a state of panic.

I went through the backstreets yelling out her name and scoured the riverside frantically searching for her. I thought everything that was important to me in my life was lost - I was desperate.

I couldn't find her so I raced back onto the main street and there she was waving to me wondering why I looked so serious. I was a mess.

It was just like a train pulling on it's brakes, the emotional carriages came crashing, bang, bang, bang!

I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got grateful, I laughed, I.......

The roller coaster of Worry. You don't want to ride that one!

Just going on it, made me vulnerable to states of worry for the next couple of days!

The trick is to nip it in the bud. Don't buy a ticket. Don't get on the ride!
Hey - there's plenty to worry about - there always is!
What do you need to nip in the bud?
Are you thinking of worst case scenarios....or are you thinking pleasurable end results.
That's the beauty of setting inspiring goals and living into them - you regularly focus on the pleasurable end result and the worry roller coaster starts to lose money!