Walking The Samurai Sword.

You know the stories about how sharp a Samurai sword is.

You drop a hair on it and it slices it in half.

Well, in martial arts there is a story about how to follow the path of the masters, you need to walk on the Samurai Sword.

As the story goes, a novice is shown the giant sword and up ahead, you can see the masters patiently and diligently walking along the sword.

The novice gets up, gets her balance, and then takes one step, then two, then halfway through the third step, loses balance and falls off the sword.

"Oh I'm such a loser! Why did I even think I could do this? I've never been naturally coordinated......" thinks the novice...and it takes about an hour before they get up and try again.

The novice gets up, gets her balance, and then takes one step....then two...then three...then she lurches over the other side, loses her balance and falls off again.

"I'm a shame to my family! I'm a failure! Who do I think I am anyhow? This is just not for me!......" thinks the novice....and it takes about three days before they get the courage to try again.

The novice gets up, gets her balance, centres herself and takes one step, two steps, then three....then four....then she loses her balance again and falls off again.

"I'm no good! I'm useless! I can't even do this stupid little task! What will my friends and family think about me? What about everyone here? They all must think I'm useless!........." Thinks the novice and they beat themselves up so takes a month before the novice feels the courage to get back up on the sword.

This happens time and time again and every time the novice falls off, they beat themselves up so badly, that the time it takes to get the courage to get back on the sword, gets longer and longer. Usually this leads the novice to give up trying.

Ahh, but if only the novice would stay awhile and observe the masters up ahead. They would notice that the masters are falling off all the time.

..............they just get back on so quickly that nobody notices they had fallen.

What is it that you are beating yourself up about?

How can you convince yourself to get back on as soon as you fall off? How can you choose not to listen to your inner berating and remember the Masters Choice to get straight back on every time they fall, or drop the ball, or make a mistake or fail to achieve, or not live up to expectations, or........

How can you "Just Do It!" ?

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