Meltdown Turning a Predicament into a Possibility.

It’s what we all dread and do our best to avoid, but sometimes the solutions we are desperately searching for, only become obvious when the wheels fall off in your life.

It's about the bottom of the cliff, where all bets are off, the bank is broke and everything is lost.
The amazing thing about meltdowns is that oftentimes people find their own clarity about what's really important and what's not. There's almost a relief when the worst has happened. You are still alive and able to make a difference. What's important suddenly is obvious.

Its a great time to ask yourself the questions you've never had the space or courage to ask yourself.

You might think this is being trite, but it's a HUGE opportunity!

Questions like "What's really important to me in my life?" or "What's really needed right now" Questions that we throw in the "Too Tough" basket

Often people find at the bottom of the cliff, the clarity they needed to help them move forward in their lives.

Things get communicated at that time that have often been hidden away in order to maintain the status quo. This is possible now mainly because there's no point in maintaining the status quo if it's in pieces on the ground.
"How do I really feel about you?" "What do I really want to do?" What are the things that are really important to you right now, that you are not communicating because it might "rock the boat"

At the time of a melt down is that often the time when people find their own courage to stand up and fight for what’s important.

"What am I really prepared to stand up and fight for?" "Do I really know what's important to me?" Where is your courage? Are you backing what's really important to you or are you letting people walk all over you?

A coach is great to have around at a meltdown. That's when you can hear their tough questions, because there's nothing to lose, nothing to prop up and nothing to justify. You can be in the moment, you can be real.

"What are the tough questions I need to ask myself right now?" "How can I put myself in the moment and be real with myself and my life?"

Do you really have to wait for a meltdown to be in the moment, be real with yourself and be open to hearing the tough questions?
The following clip comes from the amazing movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness". It is all about a guy with a dream, suddenly finding himself homeless with his son - look for being in the moment and being real:

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