The Little Room Behind Your Eyeballs.

Everyone has a little room behind their eyeballs.
Most of us have made it really cozy. We sit in a big Lazy Boy chair, sitting opposite a warm fire, with our chair with it's back facing the window to outside.

We're not interested in what's going on outside of our eye, our attention is usually glued to a TV that plays the same old, same old shows over and over again.

This little room is what we lovingly call: "Our Comfort Zone".

Life here is totally predictable, it feels absolutely safe and sound.

The shows on the TV are all from our early years and are re-runs of events where we made decisions about what life is and what works to make our lives work and that ensures our survival.

We never question these shows, we just watch them over and over, believing them to be real and relevant for our lives today.

Some of us however, decide that we want more. We get up from the chair and take our attention from the TV screen to the lens of our eyes. We look out of our lens and try to see life as it really is. Life outside starts to mean more to us than the re-runs on the comfy TV.

In fact, those of us who choose to live outside of their comfort zones, start to get passionate about what's happening outside and we press our faces against the lens of the eyeball in an effort to see more, feel more and just be more aware and involved in what's going on!

Which one of us will handle change in the world better and faster?
Which one of us will achieve a life that we love?

Which one of us will have relationships with others that are responsive, intimate and lots of fun?

I believe that life begins on the edge of your comfort zone, us gazing out into the world, looking for what is so, checking the validity of what we think is so.

I believe that your comfort zone is a cushy jail sentence, a solitary confinement that sentences us to a mindless following of our childhood decisions, repeating our lives over and over and over....
"Peace is not sitting out on a beach, but being at peace amidst the hassle and madness!”

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