How to Find Your Ideal Coach.

You may remember my suggestion in previous posts to be rigorous on making the choice of your coach.

The Coaching relationship needs to be Special. You need to Connect. It needs to be obvious to you that this person has what it takes to help you to be the person who is going to achieve your goals.
You also need to be comfortable about saying “No!”

You need the “Yes!” to rise up from inside of you. You need to feel like you know that the way forward is clear, your goals will be achieved and your personal integrity and special gifts will be honored and encouraged.

You need to feel excited, not by the coach, but by you and what you know you can achieve, with someone by your side, keeping you focused, keeping you strong and keeping your thoughts strong, positive and resourceful.

All coaches will give you permission to go for it, but you need a coach who you will listen to when they give you that permission and also be someone you respect enough to Act Upon It.

You need the faith in them that they will keep you on the path of success and that they will last the full distance.

You need to know that they will be tough on you when you need it and also to be able to celebrate, create and commiserate at the right time.

You need to know that they won’t give up when you want to and that they will believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

Funny that.

……….It seems that it’s more about you than the coach.

Maybe the real question, the question that calls for the deeper significance in you is:

“Am I ready to let a coach help me move to the next level of my life?”

And the next and probably only question left to ask is:

“Do I think this coach would be a great coach for me and do I have the courage to tell them that?”

…hope you find this useful.

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