Fear of Success!

your client doesn't really want to succeed.

A paradox.

In every client you take on,
There is a part of them,
that really doesn’t want the coaching to work

They don’t really want anything to work
They are scared to succeed
They are scared of success

And when you come across this shadow self,
And you will know it when you do,
Talk to them about “The Fear of Success”,
About how most people are more fearful
of success than they are of failure ....

Take some time to generate awareness and clarify all the things that would change if your client achieved their PLEASURABLE END RESULT.

Look for things that would give them discomfort if things stayed the way they are and get them to see how hollow their fear is .....

Tell them that fear is an acronym for
False Expectations Appearing Real
Ask them what they really, really, really want

Listen carefully for the sound
of fear’s footsteps leaving ...

....for fear cannot bear the light of clarity
and awareness.

Let your client see how they don’t really want to succeed,
So that they can accept, move on and
Really Really succeed!

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