Deal with your problems, but focus on building your dreams.

We are all in a state of becoming...

We don’t have to beat ourselves up because we’re not there yet.

Failure is just another way of saying;
"You’ve learnt how not to do what you are trying to achieve."

Cowards need assurance and security, just to get out of bed, they hiss and spit at risk takers, but dream builders stay up late and get up early, driven and sustained only by their dream, 

In a recent interview with Joanna Lumley, Will i am, (an amazing dream builder) said:
“I’m ignoring my problems and building my dreams”

Perhaps the only reason you are not up and out building your dream,

Is that your focus in on your day to day problems, 

...you don’t have a compelling, driving and inspiring vision screening in your head.

If you want some help creating that vision, email me at themotivationclinic@gmail.com

Discover your motivation.

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