What You Can Learn From the Australian Open Tennis Championship

The Australian Open Tennis Championship has finally ended in a crescendo on Australia Day evening with Stan Wawrinka taking the Men's Grand Slam with a very unusual final match with tennis legend and warrior, Raphael Nadal.

During the match, the fighter Raphael's body seized up, but he continued, somehow completely throwing off Stan's mental game.  He was vulnerable, and willing to continue playing, being vulnerable, but in that vulnerability there was great strength.

Stan eventually won, but he had to dig deep to do so.

So here's  five lessons you might be interested in using in your business and life:

1.  You gotta dig deep every day, in every way.  Your past wins only bring you high expectations from yourself and others.  You have to come up with brilliance even you don't know you have.
2.  You gotta have the stamina for the long, hard haul.  There will be some low hanging fruit, but everything else you'll have to fight long and hard for.  This is not going to be easy and you are ready to pay the price to win. You gotta see yourself hanging in for the long term. You gotta fight for every inch of the way.
3.  You gotta play your mind game.  That game you would have practiced a long time before the match and it's all about how you rehearsed winning this game.  You gotta feel worthy of winning.  You gotta know how to deal with your feelings
4.  You gotta pay attention and keep your focus - especially if you are winning...and especially if you are losing - both are the same imposters you have to treat the same.
5.  You gotta believe you are a champion.  You gotta act it too.  Note how gracious champions are. Model the best class act you can be.

If you are a tennis buff, what are some of the lessons you have learnt from this amazing sport - let me know.

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