How Things Happen is None of My Business.

Part of a coach's job is to layer support for you to have the best possible chance to achieve your goals.

There are so many things successful goal setters do to make sure they reach their goals.  Most of us who set goals and read a blog like this, will write their goals down.  Most people who set goals don't do this.

So given my job is layering in support, I notice that everyone is different and everyone has different needs.

Some people need a plan.  It's part of their personality.  They need to know what they are going to do and they monitor their plans religiously.

Other people, the only reason they need a plan is to develop the confidence to keep moving forward. Sure, they have a plan, but they are usually making it all up as they move forward.

The Queen of Sweden has said: "The people who know where they are going, never need a road map."

I'm seeing people who do the work writing an inspiring vision and who visit that vision regularly are in this category.

In fact, it appears if you focus too much of your time and energy on your goals, it has some adverse affects.  Especially if you think "If it is to be, it's up to me"

It's good to leave some space for the miraculous.  It's good to take time out and smell the roses.

It's good to let go and let God take care of it.

In fact, it's none of your business how you achieve your goals, just that you keep moving toward them.

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